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February 11, 2014

Andy Didorenko's new CD - Intervals - is published by Samum publishing.

Available at Amazon.com   Coming soon on iTunes and other stores.

The CD includes Intervals - 8 virtuoso violin caprices, each based on a certain interval, Sonata No.3 for violin and piano, and Simple Trio

Features Andy Didorenko (violin), Yuliya Basis (piano) and Aminda Asher (cello).

Recorded in New York, 2013

Produced by Aleksandr Akimov.


February 13, 2013

New Lost World CD is out now!

SOLAR POWER - Lost World Band 

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You can listen to the previews on the iTunes Website.

Click on the track to hear MP3 preview.

Unreleased track The Grin - watch Youtube Slideshow

People involved in the recording:


Konstantin Shtirlitz - drums                                                   Andy Didorenko - violins, guitars, bass, vocals


Vassili Soloviev - flute                                                                      Aleksandr Akimov - sound, production

Words and music by Andy Didorenko.

Recorded in Moscow and New York between January 2011 and November 2012.

Published by the band under Samum Publishing label.


February 8, 2011

LOST WORLD BAND CD - IN CONCERT  is now available through the Musea's web shop.

Click here to order CD from Musea Records

The word from the band:

We at Lost World Band usually spend lots of time arranging, editing, overdubbing, polishing, and perfecting our  albums. With this one, we decided not to bother and printed it as is, right off the mixing desk. We think this recording accurately captures the raw energy of the band's performance. Some numbers have been modified from their album versions and sound refreshingly different - which is a good thing.

Two of the three songs presented here never made it to any official albums. Composed around 2004, they were left out from Awakening of the Elements in order to label it “instrumental prog.” In addition, Vassili has never sung on our band's studio albums, and Konstantin has only played at live gigs.

So what you have here is the four-piece Lost World Live Band, in this formation since 2005, at their gig at PodClub in Moscow, in front of the small but sophisticated audience, on December 2, 2009.

Click on the cover to see the promo from Youtube:



Very accurate and adequate definition of the Lost World Band's music at Gibraltar Encyclopedia.



Lost World Band is enjoying reviews of Sound Source from around the globe. Here are few links:

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____________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                                                                                          31/1/2010

New videos from the PodClub gig, December 2, 2009 on the LWBClub channel.


Sound Source CD is now available at  Amazon.com



Sound Source has been published by MUSEA, France and is available now through the Musea website.

The official press-release:

LOST WORLD BAND « Sound source » FGBG 4840

This Russian band releases its third album “Sound source”. Unusual line-up: violin/guitars/drums/ flute/keyboards. Unusual music too: this is a sort of dynamic instrumental chamber music, mixing classical influences (VIVALDI among others) and progressive ones (let’s think of KANSAS, UK, KBB,   for the energy and the lively violin parts, but with a strong musical dentity). These 16 concise instrumental tracks reveal technical skill, a huge musical culture, and a search for authentic sounds (including original sounds of nature). After “Awakening of the elements”, released by Musea in 2006, “Sound source” proves once more that this band is among the best progressive outfits today, sincere and constantly inspired by a true love of music.



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